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Physical Modelling in Geotechnics. ICPMG.2014



Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Physical Modelling in Geotechnics 2014 (ICPMG2014), Perth, Australia, 14-17 January 2014 The 8th International Conference on Physical Modelling in Geotechnics (ICPMG2014) was organised by the Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems at the University of Western Australia under the auspices of the Technical Committee 104 for Physical Modelling in Geotechnics of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering


  • ISBN: 978-1-13-800152-7
  • Páginas: 1366
  • Tamaño: 17x24
  • Edición:
  • Idioma: Inglés
  • Año: 2014

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Contenido Physical Modelling in Geotechnics. ICPMG.2014

The 8th International Conference on Physical Modelling in Geotechnics (ICPMG2014) was organised by the Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems at the University of Western Australia under the auspices of the Technical Committee 104 for Physical Modelling in Geotechnics of the International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering. This quadrennial conference is the traditional focal point for the physical modelling community of academics, scientists and engineers to present and exchange the latest developments on a wide range of physical modelling aspects associated with geotechnical engineering. These proceedings, together with the seven previous proceedings dating from 1988, present an inestimable collection of the technical and scientific developments and breakthroughs established over the last 25 years.

These proceedings include 10 keynote lectures from scientific leaders within the physical modelling community and 160 peer-reviewed papers from 26 countries. They are organised in 14 themes, presenting the latest developments in physical modelling technology, modelling techniques and sensors, through a wide range of soil-structure interaction problems, including shallow and deep foundations, offshore geotechnics, dams and embankments, excavations and retaining structures and slope stability. Fundamental aspects of earthquake engineering, geohazards, ground reinforcements and improvements, and soil properties and behaviour are also covered, demonstrating the increasing complexity of modelling arising from state-of-the-art technological developments and increased understanding of similitude principles. A special theme on education presents the latest developments in the use of physical modelling techniques for instructing undergraduate and postgraduate students in geotechnical engineering.



1. Guest lectures

UWA’s O-tube facilities: Physical modelling of fluid-structure-seabed interaction

L. Cheng, H. An, C. Luo, T. Brown, S. Draper & D.J. White

Lessons learnt from centrifuge modelling of sand compaction piles and implications for design

S.M. Springman

2. Keynote lectures

Centrifuge modelling on seismic behaviour of stone architectural heritages

D.-S. Kim & H.-J. Park

Laboratory scale modelling for offshore geotechnical problems

B.W. Byrne

Principles of physical modelling of unsaturated soils

B. Caicedo & L. Thorel

Combined failure mechanisms of geotechnical structures

T. Tobita & S. Iai

Physical modelling of instability and flow in loose granular slopes

W.A. Take

Advancing geotechnical earthquake engineering knowledge through centrifuge modeling

D.W. Wilson & J.D. Allmond

Centrifuge modelling of geotechnical processes in soft ground using pragmatic approaches

X.F. Ma, Y.J. Hou, Z.Y. Cai & G.M. Xu

Foundations for offshore wind turbines

S.K. Haigh

3. Physical modelling facilities

The new GeoREF geotechnical beam centrifuge at the University of Alberta, Canada

G. Zambrano-Narvaez & R.J. Chalaturnyk

The geotechnical centrifuge facility at the University of Pretoria

S.W. Jacobsz, E.P. Kearsley & J.H.L. Kock

An 800 g-tonne geotechnical centrifuge at K-water Institute, Korea

N.R. Kim, D.S. Park, D.H. Shin & W.S. Jung

Establishing a 50 g-ton geotechnical centrifuge at the University of Sheffield

J.A. Black, N. Baker & A. Ainsworth

Development of a small scale teaching centrifuge

J.A. Black

A novel centrifuge permeameter to characterize flow through low permeability strata

W. Timms, M. Whelan, I. Acworth, D. McGeeney, S. Bouzalakos, R. Crane, J. McCartney & A. Hartland

Renovation and reoperation of a geotechnical centrifuge at the University of New Hampshire

M. Ghayoomi & S. Wadsworth

Performance of horizontal and vertical 2D shaker in IWHR centrifuge

Y.J. Hou, X.D. Zhang, Z.P. Xu, J.H. Liang & J.S. Li

Dynamic actuator for soil-structure interaction physical modelling in centrifuge

M. Cabrera, B. Caicedo & L. Thorel

Improvement of the IFSTTAR robot control system

P. Gaudicheau, L. Thorel, A. Néel, Ph. Audrain, C. Lozada & J. Monroy

Dynamic centrifuge modelling facilities at the University of Dundee and their application to studying seismic case histories

A.J. Brennan, J.A. Knappett, D. Bertalot, M. Loli, I. Anastasopoulos & M.J. Brown

Generation of progressive wave in a drum centrifuge

Z. Wang, Z. Chen & M. Luan

A compact high-speed image capture system for a drum centrifuge

S.A. Stanier, J. Breen & D.J. White

In-flight excavation using a multi-functional four-axis robotic manipulator at NHRI

G.F. Ren, G.M. Xu, Z.Y. Cai, X.W. Gu, J.Z. Hong, G.B. Ran & X.Y. Yu

Design and use of a rotating spiral pluviator for creating large sand models

M.E. Stringer, L. Pedersen, B.D. Nuss & D.W. Wilson

RPI in-flight two directional earthquake simulator

I. Sasanakul, T. Abdoun, A. Tessari & J. Lawler

Physical modelling of SCR in the touchdown zone under three axis motions

B. Elliott, R. Phillips, A. Macneill & G. Piercey

The geotechnical beam centrifuge at COPPE centrifuge laboratory

M.S.S. Almeida, M.C.F. Almeida, P.C. Trejo, K.I. Rammah, J.A. Lukiantchuki, M.P.P. Guimarães & J.R.M.S. Oliveira

4. Sensor, instrumentation and modelling techniques

Water supply to a geotechnical centrifuge for pile jetting in sand

P. Shepley & M.D. Bolton

Investigation of the spatial distribution of installation effects around stone columns with an electrical needle

J. Gautray, J. Laue & S.M. Springman

Full field measurement of liquefied soil on geotechnical centrifuge using digital image correlation

D. Takano, Y. Morikawa & H. Takahashi

A two-dimensional miniature cone penetration test system for centrifuge modelling

Y.-G. Zhou, T. Liang, Y.-M. Chen, D.-S. Ling, L.-G. Kong, Y. Shamoto & A. Ishikawa

Measurement of soil state variables using Spatial Time Domain Reflectometry (Spatial TDR)

A. Scheuermann, R. Becker & S. Schlaeger

Optimal free length of bender and extender elements used for seismic testing in geotechnical centrifuges

A. Archer & G. Heymann

A new technique to reconstitute crust layers for model testing

M.S. Hossain, C.D. O’Loughlin & C. Gaudin

Boundary corrected calibration of tactile pressure sensors

A. Tessari, T. Abdoun, I. Sasanakul & E. Wroe

Surface kinematometry by image processing for geotechnical model tests

K. Ueno, S. Sreng & K. Kobayashi

Evaluating the response of new pore pressure transducers for use in dynamic centrifuge tests

M.E. Stringer, J.D. Allmond, C.J. Proto, D.W. Wilson & B.L. Kutter

Advances in measuring rotation with MEMS accelerometers

J.D. Allmond, M. Hakhamaneshi, D.W. Wilson & B.L. Kutter

Scale modelling of plant root systems using 3-D printing

T. Liang, J.A. Knappett & A.G. Bengough

5. Similitude and scaling

Applicability of the generalized scaling law for fundamental physical properties

T. Tobita, S. Iai, S. Escoffier & J.L. Chazelas

Scaling effects in the 1 g modelling of offshore pipeline ploughs

K.L. Lauder & M.J. Brown

The effect of radial G-field on the centrifuge modelling

D.S. Park

Spatial soil variability as a necessary scaling law for centrifuge modeling

L. Zhang & L. Zhang

Using the ‘step zero’ approach to design a centrifuge modelling program

S.N. Ullah, S.A. Stanier, D.J. White & Y. Hu

Mesoscale analyses of load distribution mode of caisson during sinking

B. Mu, Q. Bie & X. Zhao

Physical and numerical modeling of problems in homogeneous and fractured soft rock masses

K.J.L. Stone, M. Maquin, D.J. Richards & M. Montouchet

6. Education

Pioneers of centrifuge modelling

W.H. Craig

Geotechnical instructional centrifuge modeling of stress distribution

C.J.R. Coccia & J.S. McCartney

The evolution of a physical modelling course over two decades

S.M. Springman, J. Laue, R. Herzog & A. El-Hamalawi

The history of geotechnical centrifuge modeling in Russia

V.V. Vinogradov, Y.K. Frolovsky & A.A. Zaytsev

15 years of experience using a physical model exercise in a Masters’ course

J. Laue, S.M. Springman, J. Gautray, W.F. Morales, M. Iten & A. Arnold

7. Offshore geotechnics

Response of monopiles under cyclic lateral loading with a varying loading direction

C. Rudolph, J. Grabe & B. Bienen

Simulating cohesive backfills in centrifuge models of subsea pipelines

W.H. Craig

Centrifuge modelling of suction caissons under orthogonal double line loading

M. Burns, M.L. Maynard, W.G. Davids, J. Chung & C. Gaudin

Rate effects on the uplift capacity of skirted foundations on clay

X. Li, C. Gaudin, Y. Tian & M.J. Cassidy

Modelling subsea protection caissons against ice scour

R. Phillips, G. Piercey, S. Soper, A. Macneill & J. Barrett

Centrifuge study of the combined bearing capacity of a hybrid foundation system

N. Cheng, C. Gaudin, M.J. Cassidy & B. Bienen

Installation of suction caissons in Gulf of Guinea clay

C. Gaudin, C.D. O’Loughlin, M.S. Hossain, M.F. Randolph & J.-L. Colliat

Pipeline upheaval buckling in liquefiable soils

E.S. Williams, B.W. Byrne & A. Blakeborough

Modelling ice rubble-rock berm interaction

R. Phillips & K. Chi

Effect of lattice leg on penetration resistance of spudcan foundations—Physical and numerical modeling

Y.P. Li, X.Y. Zhang, F.H. Lee, S.H. Goh, J.F. Wu & J.T. Yi

Model tests of lateral loading for surface pipelines on sand

Y. Li & B.W. Byrne

Centrifuge test of a clustered bucket foundation for offshore wind towers

Y.W. Choo, S. Kim, J.H. Kim, H.Y. Lee, D.S. Kim, D.J. Kim, J.U. Youn, S.H. Jee,

J. Choi & M.S. Hossain

The soil stress state surrounding pile during spudcan penetration

Y. Xie, C.F. Leung, Y.K. Chow & F.C. Chow

Centrifuge model study of the response of spudcan with lattice leg to rocking

Y. Yang, F.H. Lee, S.H. Goh, X.Y. Zhang & J.F. Wu

Model tests on offshore monopile subjected to lateral monotonic and cyclic loading

B. Zhu, Y.X. Sun, R.P. Chen & Y.-M. Chen

Responses of sandy seabed under combined waves and current: Turbulent boundary layer and pore-water pressure

W.G. Qi & F.P. Gao

Centrifuge modelling and numerical simulation on construction and long-term settlement of reclaimed island

C.L. Zhang, X.F. Ma, J.Y. Yuan, L.Q. He & X. Zhang

Centrifuge modelling of system performance of bridge pile foundations subject to vessel collisions

L. Zhang & S.S.W. Cai

8. Shallow foundations

Penetration behavior of ellipse bucket into soft ground in centrifuge

Z.Y. Cai, G.M. Xu, X.W. Gu, G.F. Ren & J.F. Mao

Raft above rigid inclusions—centrifuge investigation of complex loading

M. Blanc, L. Thorel, D. Macé, A. Néel & G. Rault

Modelling large scale surcharge trials in the geotechnical centrifuge

S.W. Jacobsz

Effect of footing shape on the settlement of rectangular and I-shaped rocking shallow foundations

M. Hakhamaneshi, A.G. Gavras, D.W. Wilson, B.L. Kutter, W. Liu & T.C. Hutchinson

Dynamic response and settlement behavior of piled raft foundation of oil storage tank

J. Takemura, S. Seki & M. Yamada

Isolating shallow foundations from seismic loading

C.M. Heron, S.K. Haigh & S.P.G. Madabhushi

Combined load capacity of grillage foundations on loose sand

L. Tapper, B.W. Byrne & C.M. Martin

Centrifuge model tests on mechanical behavior of piled raft foundation in sand subjected to horizontal and moment loads

K. Sawada & J. Takemura

1 g physical model tests on grillage foundations in clay

L. Koopman & J. Dijkstra

Evolution of deformation fields in 1-g model tests of footings on sand

T.G. Murthy

Experimental investigation of the rocking response of SDOF systems on sand

P. Kokkali, T. Abdoun, I. Anastasopoulos, R. Kourkoulis, F. Gelagoti & G. Gazetas

Observations on bucket foundations under cyclic loading in dense saturated sand

A. Foglia, L.B. Ibsen, G. Nicolai & L.V. Andersen

Author index


9. Deep foundations

Investigation of the influence of the installation method on the soil plugging behaviour of a tubular pile

S. Henke & B. Bienen

Centrifuge testing of monopile in clay under monotonic loads

B.H. Lau, S.Y. Lam, S.K. Haigh & S.P.G. Madabhushi

Behavior of pile group response to adjacent tunneling in sand using centrifuge modeling

I. Boonsiri & J. Takemura

Forces involved with the extraction of casings used in rotary bored piling

R.J. Gorasia, A.M. McNamara, A. Bell & T. Suckling

Reducing the driving force required for installation of tubular piles when using the gyropiler

A.M. McNamara, R.J. Gorasia, H. Halai & N.S. Phillips

Set-up effects of piles in sand tested in the centrifuge

D.A. de Lange, A.F. van Tol, J. Dijkstra, A. Bezuijen & R. Stoevelaar

Centrifuge modelling of energy foundations in sand

J.C. Goode III, M. Zhang & J.S. McCartney

Effect of pile spacing on pile demand for small pile groups in laterally spreading soil

J.J.M. Haskell, S.P.G. Madabhushi & M. Cubrinovski

Lateral response of monopiles using centrifuge testing and finite element analysis

A.E. Haiderali, B.H. Lau, S.K. Haigh & S.P.G. Madabhushi

Some considerations for modelling of pile installation in sand

J. Dijkstra & A.B. Lundberg

Experimental stress analysis in helical pile foundations by the photoelastic method

J.A. Schiavon, C.H.C. Tsuha & E.R. Esquivel

Impact of pile geometry on the installation of open-ended press-in piles

G. Forlati & J.A. Black

Performance of a model geothermal pile in sand

C.A. Kramer & P. Basu

Cyclic loading response of monopile foundations in cohesionless soils

C.N. Abadie & B.W. Byrne

Centrifuge modelling of installation effects on helical anchor performance in sand

C.H.C. Tsuha, N. Aoki, G. Rault, L. Thorel & J. Garnier

The effect of loading rate on bearing capacity and tensile resistance of piles

K. Watanabe & O. Kusakabe

Plugging effect on uplift capacity of pipe-piles installed in loose sand

R.M. Reis, F. Saboya, D.P. Neves, S. Tibana, A.F. Manhães & A.C.S. Pereira

Modelling of jacked piles in centrifuge

F.B. d’Arezzo, S.K. Haigh & Y. Ishihara

Centrifuge model test on pile group foundations subject to negative friction and differential settlement

S. Teramoto, M. Kimura & T. Boonyatee

Review of design models for lateral cyclic loading of monopiles in sand

W. Li, K. Gavin, D. Igoe & P. Doherty

Centrifuge testing of monopiles subject to cyclic lateral loading

P.B. Kirkwood & S.K. Haigh

Behaviour of pile above tunnel in clay

E. Hartono, C.F. Leung, R.F. Shen, Y.K. Chow, Y.S. Ng, H.T. Tan & C.J. Hua

Lateral pressure on piles due to horizontal soil movement—1 g model tests on single piles and pile rows

J. Bauer, H.-G. Kempfert & O. Reul

Centrifuge modelling of non-displacement piles and pile groups under lateral loading in layered soils

A.M. Marshall, C.M. Cox, R. Salgado & M. Prezzi

10. Dams and embankments

Investigation of the backward erosion mechanism in small scale experiments

V.M. van Beek, K. Vandenboer, H.M. van Essen & A. Bezuijen

Piled embankment on soft soil reinforced with geosynthetic

R. Girout, M. Blanc, L. Thorel & D. Dias

Centrifuge modelling of a self-regulating foundation system for embankments on soft soils

O. Detert, D. König & T. Schanz

Physical modeling embankment on peat foundation with reinforcing of the wooden piles

A.A. Zaytsev

Dynamic centrifuge model tests on culvert embankment with perpendicular wall in culvert longitudinal direction

Y. Sawamura, K. Kishida & M. Kimura

Full-scale testing of piping prevention measures: Three tests at the IJkdijk

A.R. Koelewijn, G. de Vries, H. van Lottum, U. Förster, V.M. van Beek & A. Bezuijen

Three dimensional centrifuge modeling test of high CFRD in a narrow valley

X. Zeping, H. Yujing & L. Jianhui

11. Excavations, retaining structures and underground construction

Variation of the coefficient of lateral earth pressure with deformation for cohesionless backfills

A. Altunbas, M. Abzal, A.T. Gezgin & O. Cinicioglu

Centrifuge model tests on the connecting form between cutoff wall and composite geomembrane of cofferdam

B. Li, Y.H. Cheng & Z.L. Cheng

Centrifuge modeling for I-wall retrofit studies

W. Vanadit-Ellis & M.K. Sharp

Physical model of a rigid retaining wall under translation mode and its variation of arch action in backfill material with interface friction

T. Pipatpongsa, M.H. Khosravi & J. Takemura

Centrifugal model test on the at-rest coefficient of lateral earth pressure in unsaturated soils

J.S. Li, Y.C. Xing & Y.J. Hou

Centrifugal modeling of shallow tunnels in heterogeneous soils

G. Muñoz & B. Caicedo

Centrifuge modelling tests of geocell gravity retaining structures

D. Gómez, B. Caicedo & N. Estrada

An investigation of perpendicularly crossing twin-tunnel interaction

T. Boonyarak, C.W.W. Ng & D. Mašín

Seismic behavior of inverted T-shape flexible retaining walls via dynamic centrifuge

S.B. Jo, J.G. Ha, M.T. Yoo, Y.W. Choo & D.S. Kim

The influence of a time delay between sequential tunnel constructions

S. Divall, R.J. Goodey & R.N. Taylor

Centrifuge model test of ground upheaval caused by the rising of groundwater level and its effect on shield tunnel

S. Sreng, T. Kusaka, H. Tanaka, H. Sugiyama & T. Ito

Test development for the investigation of soil disaggregation during slurry tunnelling

N.S. Phillips, S.E. Stallebrass, R.J. Goodey & S.A. Jefferis

Centrifuge modelling of effects of shield tunnels on existing tunnels in soft clay

X.F. Ma, X.F. Tian, J.S. Wang & L. Yu

Seismic response of a cut-and-cover underground structure in dry sand: Centrifuge modeling

K.M. Gillis, S. Dashti, Y.M.A. Hashash & M.I.R. Arduz

12. Earthquake engineering

1-g shaking table tests on mitigation of seismic subsidence of structures

R. Rasouli, I. Towhata & T. Hayashida

Centrifuge modelling of earthquake-induced submarine landslide and its gravity flow transition

H. Takahashi, S. Sassa & Y. Morikawa

Effects of ground motion intensity parameters on soil-foundation-structure-interaction and site response

M. Ghayoomi & S. Dashti

Seismic earth pressure reduction on gravity retaining walls using EPS geofoam

S.M. Dasaka, T.N. Dave, V.K. Gade & V.B. Chauhan

Shaking table testing of retrofitted 3-storey building

I. Anastasopoulos, V. Drosos & N. Antonaki

Centrifuge modeling of seismic liquefaction effects on adjacent shallow foundations

A.S.P.S. Marques, P.A.L.F. Coelho, S.K. Haigh & G. Madabhushi

Seismic soil structure interaction: A parametric study on shallow foundations

S. Escoffier & J.L. Chazelas

Seismic performance of pile foundation with reinforcement of steel sheet-piles in sand

X. Zhang & J. Takemura

Centrifuge model tests on the measurement of impact energy on bridge pier foundations embedded in sand

B.V.S. Viswanadham, A. Guha, B.V. Sudarshan, S. Kundu & D. Bhattacherjee

Stiffness matching of model reinforced concrete for centrifuge modelling of soil-structure interaction

A.H. Al-Defae & J.A. Knappett

Use of Ricker wavelet ground motions as an alternative to push-over testing

M. Loli, I. Anastasopoulos, J.A. Knappett & M.J. Brown

Effect of liquefaction duration on ground progressive failure under 2-D biased load

A. Ishikawa, Y. Shamoto, H. Mano, Y.-G. Zhou, T. Liang & Y.-G. Li

13. Ground improvement and reinforcement

Centrifuge modelling of the ground reaction curve of fibre reinforced soil

C.M. Cox, A.M. Marshall & D. Wanatowski

Centrifuge modelling of saturated fibre-reinforced sand

K. Wang & A.J. Brennan

Centrifuge modelling of Ultra Thin Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavements (UTCRCP)

E.P. Kearsley, W.J. vd M. Steyn & S.W. Jacobsz

The behaviour of weakly cemented sand beams spanning over openings

W.P. Bronkhorst & S.W. Jacobsz

Centrifuge model tests on failure pattern of cement treated ground

M. Kitazume & T. Takeyama

Centrifuge model tests on the performance of soil-nailed shoring system

S. Kundu & B.V.S. Viswanadham

1 g axisymmetrical physical modeling of a rigid inclusion load transfer mattress system

A.Q. Dinh, J. Canou & J.-C. Dupla

Geogrid—reinforced soil parameters in field and pullout tests

V.V. Vinogradov, A.A. Zaytsev, Y.K. Frolovsky & A.N. Kostousov

Comparison of ground improvement on double porosity soil: A centrifuge study of pore pressure response

E. Pooley, S.M. Springman & J. Laue

Centrifuge model tests on geogrid reinforced soil walls with marginal backfills

S. Balakrishnan & B.V.S. Viswanadham

Some studies on the performance of geocomposite reinforced slopes subjected to rainfall

D. Bhattacherjee & B.V.S. Viswanadham

Evaluation of the effect for a liquefaction countermeasure using enlarged spacing of the lattice shaped ground improvement method by centrifuge model test and its FE analysis

Y. Okochi, H. Miki, S. Sreng, K. Kobayashi & M. Makino

14. Geohazards

A comparison of internal and external flow behaviour of laboratory-scale debris flows

J.J. Bird & E.T. Bowman

Modelling for the design of passive protection measures against rock fall

G. Gottardi, L. Govoni, A. Mentani, C. Gentilini & F. Ubertini

Pore pressure responses of a buried blast in saturated sand

C.H. Yeo, S.H. Goh, S. Anand & T.B. Soh

Understanding subsidence consequences on masonry structures using large small-scale physical modeling

L. Nghiem, M. Al Heib & F. Emeriault

15. Slope stability

Modelling slope failures by ‘gravity turn-on’

W.H. Craig

Effect of bedrock shape and drainage properties on the stability of slopes

A. Askarinejad, J. Laue & S.M. Springman

A combined study of centrifuge and full scale models on failure of seismically damaged slopes

S. Tamate, T. Hori, C. Mikuni & N. Suemasa

Centrifuge modeling of dynamic response in slopes

J. Dafni & J. Wartman

On the seepage-induced failure of vegetation-stabilised slopes

A. Takahashi, K. Nakamura & S. Liktilersuang

16. Soil properties and behaviour

Arching effect in a granular soil subjected to monotonic or cyclic loading: Kinematic analysis

O. Jenck, G. Combe, F. Emeriault & A. De Pasquale

Physical modeling of clay mixtures with large particles

C. Lozada, B. Caicedo & L.E. Vallejo

Physical modeling of soil uncertainty

L.X. Garzón, B. Caicedo, M. Sánchez-Silva & K.K. Phoon

Change in local void ratio distribution of sand as a function of aging time

M.R. Muszynski & R.J. Hodek

The physical modeling of canal lining interaction behavior on expansive soil

M.H. Bonab & F.B. Sarand

Meso-mechanism analysis of soil arching in composite foundation

X. Zhao, X. Zhu & W. Gong

Measurement of post-earthquake strength of liquefiable soils in centrifuge models

I. Anderson, M.M. Dewoolkar, J. Hargy & P. de Alba

The use of CPT and Vs for assessment of saturated soil deposits in the centrifuge

W. El-Sekelly, T. Abdoun & R. Dobry

Miniature cone tip resistance on silty sand in centrifuge model tests

J.H. Kim, S.R. Kim, H.Y. Lee, Y.W. Choo, D.S. Kim & D.J. Kim

Consolidation characteristics of tailings using a high-g bench-top centrifuge

J.S. Sharma

Author index

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